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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBI”) play a part in 30% of all injury related deaths in the United States. According to a National Hospital Discharge Survey, its is estimated that approximately 2.5 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury annually in the United States alone. Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of TBI, and leading cause of TBI related deaths. Traumatic brain injuries are often untreated or treated on a delayed basis. Traumatic Brain Injuries are categorized by severity into three main categories: Mild, Moderate, and Severe.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Center for Disease Control categorizes concussions as Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, which means an external force has either directly or indirectly caused an actual injury to the brain. Even brain injuries categorized as “mild” are very serious. Early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a mild traumatic brain injury is of vital importance.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries present as a short change in mental status or consciousness. Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of consciousness for a short period;
  • No loss of consciousness but a dazed, disoriented or confused state;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Change in sleeping habits; and
  • Fatigue.
The Center for Disease Control confirms that many sensory issues may accompany the physical conditions including blurred vision, ringing in the ears, bad taste in the mouth, changes in the ability to smell and sensitivity to light or sound.

Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries can present as long term unconsciousness or amnesia after regaining consciousness. Moderate to Severe TBI’s symptoms:

  • Short or long term effects including decreased cognitive function;
  • Decreased or affected motor function;
  • Impaired sensory perception; and
  • Emotional instability including depression, anxiety, anger, impulse control, and personality changes.

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